Legends of the Forgotten Realms

Session 1:

Humble Beginnings

In Neverwinter, a small group off rag tag adventurers is tasked with a simple quest. A dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker needs a wagon of goods delivered to the nearby settlement of Phandalin.

The hero’s set out at once, eager to earn the ten gold pieces that was promised when the deed is done. They take the High Road south for a day and a half. Then they take the Triboar Trail east, when, around mid-day, they are ambushed by four goblins! Combat ensued and the hero’s wiped out the goblins.

The travelling party decides to investigate the scene. They find two dead horses and an empty map case. The hero’s recognize the horses, one of them being Gundren Rockseeker’s, and the other, his loyal bodyguard named Sildar Hallwinter. The Ranger then spots a trail that many goblins have been on recently. They decide against following the goblin trail this night.

After a half days travel they arrive in Phandalin. They immediately seek out Elmar Barthen, that they may deliver the wagon and collect their gold. Barthen is saddened to hear of the situation with his dear friend Gundren Rockseeker. After stocking up on rations and a few new weapons, the hero’s retire to the Stonehill Inn.

In the morning they set out from Phandalin. The party has decided to follow the goblin trail they had uncovered the day before, in an attempt to rescue the dwarf, their employer, Gundren Rockseeker.

The adventuring party follows the goblin trail some miles north, eventually coming to a large hill, with a cave entrance at the foot of it.



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